Do you like coffee? How much? Are you an addict or even worse, a fanatic?

This last few years were a good years for coffee shops in Medan. There is a growing presence of coffee shops in Medan. New coffee shops pop out everywhere around the town and new coffee addict are following a long the way. But, this time I’m not going to write about new coffee shop. I’m going to write about Coffeenatics, an established coffee shops founded by a veteran food-enterpreneur, Harris.

Coffeenatics Medan
Harris. (image credit:

Harris was a youngster raised in Melbourne, Australia. He come back to Indonesia with great passions about culinary. Coffeenatics’ not his first baby, a few trial and error cafes taught him some lessons about surviving the economic matters.

Coffeenatics located at Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 8, exactly across the SMAN-1 Medan. This coffee shop bringing Harris passion to life; a reminiscence of Melbourne coffee shops. A place for a truly coffee fanatics, not just a regular coffee shop. No wonder, Google agreed. Coffenatics once held an event from Google!

Coffeenatics Medan
Coffeenatics Ground Floor

Coffeenatics Medan

Coffeenatics Medan
Amazing latte art by Coffeenatics’ barista

Coffeenatics Specialty

I tried the classic cafe latte here, and… no doubt, this coffee shop gaining its popularity thru its high quality coffee. The latte was smooth, not to mention the satisfying after-taste, even the latte art slay!

The interior design simply amusing, especially on the upper floor. A lot of details and antique decorating this coffee shop creating such a cozy ambience. The floor were just a concrete with polished surface and a few—intentional—cracking to add some industrial feels; and oh… the architect’s lamp done a good job complimenting the interior design.

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Coffeenatics Medan
The architect’s lamp complimenting the industrial theme design

At the time of my visit, the coffee shop was almost full. I was coming just in time to get a good spot on the upper floor. My intention was just the coffee, but after I post my pic in Instagram, my friends told me the coffee shop also features great dishes like Butter Fried Rice and Ox Tail Soup. So, next time I’ll keep that in mind when I come back to this lair of coffee fanatic.

Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 8 (across the SMAN-1 Medan)
Operating hours: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.