Buying clothes online is a new culture that could grow into a love-hate relationship. We often found our overexciting giggles turned into yellings after we rip the packages and found the clothes sent to us were not (looked like) what we expect to be. Years of excessive online shopping had taught me a lot of things, now let share my tips on how to buy clothes from online shop that you won’t regret.

how to buy clothes online without regret

A Guide To Buy Clothes from Online Shop

A woman can never have enough clothes.

Ok, I admit it. That quote was originally written for shoes, it was taken from one of Ika Natassa’s book. BUT, it won’t deny the fact that women will never find themselves with ‘enough’ clothes. We often find ourselves standing, naked, in front of our fully stuffed wardrobe, yelling: “I don’t have anything to wear!

You smiled.

Oh, you just laugh. 🙂

Yes, we know it precisely. It’s the ‘buy signal’ that roaring in our head, demanding us to buy new clothes. This ‘buy signal’ is the actual culprit of our excessive spending and additional clutters in our wardrobe. But, if we manage to do it right, buying clothes online actually nets you some benefits like cheaper price (lots of promo/sale), time saving and greater range of choices without being physically visiting the stores. As long as you manage to get the right item in your shopping cart, you won’t end up piling those newly bought clothes to your ‘why-did-i-bought-this’ section in your wardrobe.

I don’t remember how many times I’ve been disappointed when buying clothes online. Most of the time, the dress could be too short or to long, the trousers are too long, or the fabric are too sheer so you that you can see your underwear through it. Through time I learned how to decide the right clothes to buy from online shop that I won’t regret later. So, here we go:

Check the measurement (carefully)

First thing first, obviously, the measurement of clothes you want to buy. Usually the online seller would provide the measurements of the clothes in the description, or you could ask it directly to the seller. But, sometimes this number could lie too. You could ask for the exact length (in cm or inches) for trousers or skirts so you can be sure before placing the order.

If you’re not a number-person, you may predict the measurement from the available photos. But, keep in mind, online shop usually use a typical skinny and tall models. Pay attention to their heights and compare it to yours, do they wear heels or flats? If they wear a skirt that fall just above their knees, the same size may cover your knees, of if you’re actually taller, the skirt could be to short for you. Knowing your body type and exact top-down measurements is a must if you want to survive the online shopping culture.

Watch the video (or instastory)

Most of the online shop today use their social medias such as Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube to display their products. Not just in still pictures, lots of seller made a short video showing models wearing the clothes or products they are selling.

In my case, I really appreciate the seller who make Instastory video showing their goods in different angles and in all available colors to help me decide the size and the color of my choice. Remember, video speaks louder than photo, so if they have any videos, watch it!

Pick the one that look as good on you

This is the most potential pitfalls when people decide to buy clothes online. Online stores would put up good models with perfect body type for the clothes, which altogether make it looks even better. Most buyers forget that their body might be different (obviously) from the models. Don’t buy anything just because it looks good on other people, it might not suit you, and vice versa. Know your body type and only shop for clothes that look as good on you.

Let me told my story as a case study here, I was born with uncommon body type–I got short legs, but my torso is longer than average girls. Therefore, calf-length trousers (cullotes) or skirts are my enemies, they make me look weird. When it comes to patterns, I would better pick the vertical patterns (usually lines or boxes) as they could help creating ‘long’ illusions for my short legs.

Make notes on online shop brands or designers you’ve bought before

If you already know your body type, you will find it easier to pick the right clothes for you, and you will start to buy from the same brands or designers as they suit your style better than others. You will also start to notice if one brand could have different cuts that fit better to your body despite the different size charts from other brands. In my case, when I shop for Levi’s jeans I need to pick slightly smaller size than my usual size, their size tend to be a bit bigger than my usual size.

Don’t buy clothes you never wear!

I don’t want to offend anyone, but this thing is the real silent killer for online shoppers. A research from a consumer psychologist revealed lots of women buying clothes they never wear. Piled under their beds and in the dark recesses of their closets, branded glamorous gown with smaller size, active wears from shoes to sport bras and 75% discounted designer handbag, all wrappings and price tags still attached.

Don’t buy smaller sized clothes to motivate you to work out and shrink your body. I know one or two people who succeed to shrink their body using this kind of motivation, but I know a lot more people that actually failed. Buy the clothes you need right now, not for your future self.

Don’t buy clothes just because the price got slashed to half or even 75% off. Chances are this highly discounted items are seasonal or on declining trends. So, you would likely just wear it once or never at all. Once again, only buy the clothes you need to wear.

That’s all, girls! I’ve told you my personal tips on how to buy clothes from online shop that you won’t regret. I have been shopping online for more than 5 years and counting, I still continue to learn things. I will really appreciate your feedback, please tell me what do you think about buying clothes online. And of course, if you have your own personal tips on how to buy clothes online, feel free to share it here (in the comment section below). Lots of love from me!