When people come to a coffee shop, obviously they come for the coffee. But at Morning Glory Cofee, it is different. This coffee shop not only the earliest operating coffee shop in town, but it also offers more than just coffee!

I, personally, love coffee. Unfortunately, my caffeine threshold is low; I can’t drink more than 2 cups a day. My heart would go crazy! But, I love coffee shops and often visit them, there’s a growing presence of coffee shops in Medan.

Morning Glory Coffee is one of my most favourited coffee shop in Medan. This coffee shop located in Jalan Tengku Amir Hamzah, Medan—shared the same roof with Gandara Spa. Today I’m going to show that this coffee shop has something more than just coffee!

Morning Glory Coffee Medan
Comfy interior with classic wooden decoration
Morning Glory Coffee
Kampoeng Fried Rice with Chicken Legs, Egg, Emping and Acar

Honestly, when I’m planning to visit a new coffee shop, the first thing I would check is the ‘view’. I mean the interior design of the coffee shop itself. Yes, I’m a visual person. Eye first, the taste come second. So, in my opinion, this coffee shop is fantastic. Surrounded by classic wooden design and ornaments, this Morning Glory Coffee somehow make the visitors feel warm and comfy.

I ordered their signature Kampoeng Fried Rice, Egg Benedict and Lychee Mocktail. Once again, I’m a visual person, and am confirmed this dishes were great and such a feast for my eyes! The dishes were presented in good arrangements, mouthwatering visuals. The taste were satisfying, especially the Egg Benedict, this one turn out to be the best Egg Benedict I ever tasted in my life! No bull!

Morning Glory Coffee
Egg Benedict! This one is the bomb!

Morning Glory Coffee

Come out that Morning Glory Coffee is somehow more than just a coffee shop with crappy ‘sidekick’ food to decorate their menus. Believe in your eyes!

Morning Glory Coffee
Jl. Tengku Amir Hamzah, Medan
(Click here for direction)
Opening hours: 8 a.m to 11 p.m.