Penang is a beautiful island. It’s the most populous city in Malaysia. As a sister city of Medan, it’d only took an hour of flight to get there. Lots of Medan’s people been visiting Penang for medication or general check-ups (Medical Tourism), while there also some people who get there just to spent short holidays. Yes, one of them is me. And I regret it! Because that’s when I found out this beautiful Penang Mural Arts, and I only got 2 days!

penang murals windalaw

Penang Street Wall Paintings are more than just Mural Arts

The excitement was so unreal when I learned about these street arts from my friends. They told me to look up on the internet and found some travel bloggers wrote about it. They took beautiful photos and the street arts were gorgeous! I was furious and filled with envy!

I found this digital brochure containing full informations including maps and descriptions about all Mural Arts scattered across Penang’s capital, George Town.

George Town itself had made to be one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites since 2008. There’s a lot of old buildings and landmarks being kept and treated to present their authentic looks.

penang murals windalaw

I was eager to find all of this murals and immortalize them in pictures (of course, with my narcissistic self in it!). Then I realized, this map may looks cute with it’s colorful and mesmerizing thumbnails of the street arts, but the distance? Oh yes, I did work my feet out that day!

I won’t lie, I didn’t ditch my shopping agendas back then in Penang. But I did tons of effort to get to these street wall paintings. Luckily, I had my Nike Zoom with me. Stillettos ain’t got their places in holidays, baby!

penang mural art street wall paintings

penang murals windalaw

The Street Arts are Ernest Zacharevic’s babies!

In the brochure, I learned that almost all of these mural arts were painted by Ernest Zacharevic (he’s kinda hot, tho). This brilliant dude immortalized the locals daily activity in Penang into artworks. His street art got some kind of unique signature, a bit comedic and deep feelings. Some wall paintings got some actual pieces like real bike or motorbike installed to the mural, inviting the viewer to interact with the art.

penang murals windalaw

My personal favorit is this street wall painting, The Boy on Motorcycle. I was–originally–planned to sit on the back seat of his motorcycle, but then I affraid it would vandalized the artwork.

I wish I had enough time to discover all of these beatiful street wall paintings in Penang, but my short holidays was not the right time to embark on this adventure. I’ve taken an oath, the next time I set my feet upon Penang, I’ll visit all of them.