Did you ever feel a sudden craving for western food?

As an ordinary Asian girl, sometimes I got tired of sour, tasteful and so called ‘gurih’ foods. I just want some dull breads stuffed with grilled meats, lettuces, sliced tomatoes accompanied by salty french fries or pastas. Heck, I almost wet my laptop–I’m drooling just imagining it!

There are some occasions you could always justify your western food craving without feeling too much guilty about the whopping calorie level! There are BBQ parties, office’s outings, overtimes, or simply those f*cked-up break-up moments! For me, it’s post-workout. After hours of fat burning and weight lifting, I deserve those heavy-weight meals!

grilled chicken steak sizzle burger steak medan western food

Sizzle Burger & Grill Medan, Satisfy Your Western Food Cravings!

I found this cozy restaurant from DealMedan app. I’m not ashamed to be caught scrolling foods’ offer on my phone while riding stationary bikes, told ya, I deserve it!

I completed the voucher payment before shower and left the gym all drooling for some grilled meats and fries and pastas. I once warned all my friends about this: Do NOT approach me when I’m hungry and craving for meats after workout! I’m in beast mode!

Sizzle Burger and Grill Medan located on a hook point of the end of Jalan Mesjid and Jalan Palang Merah, it only took 15 minutes driving from my gym.

The waitress kindly opened the door and greeted me warmly, she ushered me to my table after I have my voucher scanned and verified. The restaurant has two floors, upper floor has outdoor seating for smoking customers. I chose the ground floor because the restrooms only available there.

It took about 15 minutes for my dear meats to be served on my table. I visited this restaurant at usual lunch time, so it’s a bit crowded, maybe they could manage to serve faster if you come at less busier time.

sizzle burger and steak

I ordered Grilled Chicken Steaks, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, French Fries, Bouillon (8 hours slow cooked beef broth) and Butter Rice. Sizzle gave me refillable drinks with only Nestea (lemon tea) and Milo (cold) as choices, I tried both and it’s okay 🙂

The steak was good, I have no complain here. Spaghetti Aglio Olio was the opposite, it betrayed the traditional signature taste of Aglio Olio. Don’t even compare it with Thirty Six’s Aglio Olio, you’ll feel cheated. The pasta seemed to be lack of enough olive oil to hold the garlic taste, I was a bit dissapointed here. Gratefully the french fries made it up.

On the other hand, Sizzle, as a western Burger and Grill restaurant unexpectedly came up with rice as their complimentary menus. The butter rice was good–if not too good to made me feel a bit guilty to consume the whole plate by myself!

Finally, the Bouillon! It was my first time, and I was curious, so I googled it before taking a sip. Bouillon is French for broth (they just manage to turn anything sexy, even for a broth!). According to their ads, this Bouillon was slowly cooked and based on beef. It tasted really good!

Sizzle Burger & Grill did a great job here, despite the Aglio Olio, tho. I would give it another chances in the future. Another point I want to add is its price, as a western food restaurant, Sizzle is so affordable! I spent less than IDR 100K for all of those food! So, when you get attacked by western food cravings in near future, consider Sizzle!

Sizzle Burger & Grill
Address: Jl. Palang Merah No. 170, Medan
Operational hours: 11 a.m to 11 p.m
Click here for directions